Our Purpose

Artisans and manufacturers from the True North Woods bring the natural beauty and splendor of handcrafted and custom fabricated wood products into your residential, commercial, and production projects.

The diverse collection of quality products from which you may choose include cabinets and countertops, architectural casework and specialty millwork, doors and shutters, flooring and paneling, furniture and fixtures, stair parts and railings, mantels and timbers, whole-tree structural components and playscapes, tiny houses and timber frame homes, dimensional lumber and other building materials, carving blocks, veneers, fuel chips, and many more.

The unique woods used to create your USA-crafted products retain their natural splendor and authentic beauty. They come from reclaimed legacy materials and responsibly managed forestlands that will preserve our North American and worldwide forests for generations to come. You may also look for products bearing the FSC® mark of the Forest Stewardship Council®, which supports environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

Who We Serve

We serve a broad spectrum of audiences including architects and designers, builders and specifiers, consumers and homeowners, and the artisans and manufacturers that create True North Woods products.

Architects & Designers

You will find unique woods to transform your inspirational ideas into innovative, one-of-a-kind products that will tell a fascinating story and turn your concept into a reality.

Builders & Specifiers

You will source dependable partners that will apply old world craftsmanship and today’s state of the art technology to produce high quality, built-to-last products that will qualify for LEED designation.

Consumers & Homeowners

You will work with local artisans and manufacturers with local reputations to design and create your new kitchen cabinetry and hand crafted furniture and supply materials for your remodeling projects with environmentally friendly products.

Artisans & Manufacturers

You will reach out to other suppliers who are members of the True North Woods association and members that are FSC-COC certified to serve as subcontractors and suppliers, and if you are a small company, you may also apply to become FSC-COC certified through the association’s group certification program.