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Whole Trees re-brands round timber for urban and commercial environments in place of steel. The company brings small-diameter forest thinnings to the construction industry.


*Architectural Services for custom application of timber in construction.

*Engineering and Consultation for a wide variety of timber construction.

*Project Management and sub-contracting for Whole Trees' timber component installation.

*Modular Commercial Structural Building System - columns, beams, and trusses - that replace steel with comparable prices, cheaper LEED credits, and faster installation. The products are shop fabricated out of round timbers (4" to 21" diameter) and installed to your specifications. A typical structure will include columns, y-bracing columns, beams, parallel cords, scissor-type trusses, engineered connection points using steel connectors and fastners. The Whole Trees solution is a heavy-timber solution that is included in every North American building code. Whole Trees products can be used next to and tied into engineered lumber and traditional heavy timber and steel projects.



Whole Trees' round timbers are FSC® certified (FSC-C019842) and earn points toward LEED® (v4.0) certification. The company's materials are replenished in 20-30 years versus 40-80 years for conventional lumber. Wood is a renewable resource and a carbon sink, sequestering carbon dioxide absorbed during growth even after it's turned into lumber. Wood required less than 2 percent of the energy of concrete and steel materials for processing and transportation.


The company's was formed in 2007 by Roald Gundersen, AIA and Amelia Baxter because of the national acclaim and growing market for Gundersen's design/build firm which was using un-milled timbers as structural building systems in ways new to the industry.


FSC-COC certified; FSC-C019842.

1- BUILDING PROD. WOOD, 1a-Beams, 1a-Timber Frame, 1a-Timber Frame Whole Trees, 1a-Timbers, 1a-Trees Whole, 1a-Trusses, 1c-Millwork Columns, 6a-Other Unique Pieces, 6B* Services, 7-Mn,Wi,Chi,Ia,Sd,Nd,Mb, 8-Certified FSC, 8-Certified TrueNorthWoods, 8-Mbr True North FSC Netwk



1-Ash, 1-Ash White, 1-Locust Black, 1-Oak, 1-Oak Northern Red, 1-Oak White, 1-Pine, 1-Pine Red Norway, 1-Pine White Eastern, 1-Walnut Black

Contact Information
Key Contact Amelia Baxter
Address 800 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703
Phone 608-310-5282
Fax 608-630-8823
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