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The Products are locally manufactured solid wood products or products composed of materials that come from our sustainably managed native northern forests and that are True North Woods® certified. North Woods certified products incorporate the natural qualities and sustainability of our northern native wood species and the talents of the people who make them.

To Find a True North Woods Certified Product

True North Woods Certified Products.

  • Certified. A product that meets the True North Woods and, increasingly FSC, certification requirements and qualifies for LEED and MN GreenStar credits
  • Quality. Made from unique, cold-forged woods by highly skilled artisans and craftsmen
  • Green / Sustainable. Produced from materials originating in sustainably managed and harvested native northern forests
  • Authentic Local USA. A product produced from authentic local forest materials
  • Best Fit. For building projects, interior furnishing, gifts, and industrial products

To Become TNW Certified

Call 1-651-223-5609, email, use the Contact page, or review the Association Brochure.


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