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TiEnergy supplies fuelwood chips, produced from reclaimed railroad ties, to co-generation plants.


The company provides point of service removal of discarded cross ties for the nation's railroads with environmentally consistent disposal of materials at co-generation incineration plants located strategically throughout the extended Midwest. The company has a large-scale tie grinding operation in Superior, Wisconsin as well as a mobile grinding service that can operate anywhere in North America.

With the industry’s largest and most powerful grinding equipment and its own mobile fleet that can handle any job large or small in any area of the country. With over 25 years of grinding experience TiEnergy's experts can accomplish any job efficiently, quickly, and safely with a smile on your face.


FSC-COC certified; FSC-C019842.

3A* Fuel, 3a-Chips, 3a-Fuel Biofuels, 3a-Fuel Biomass, 8-Certified FSC, 8-Mbr True North FSC Netwk


Contact Information
Key Contact Steve Berglund
Address 275 Sola Drive
Gilberts, IL 60136
Phone 847-426-6354
Fax 847-426-0146
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