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Local, sustainable producer of quality v-groove paneling, hardwood flooring and other remodeling and building products.


Envelope. Lumber and timbers.

Interior. Millwork. Paneling: V-joint paneling in black ash, aspen, basswood, butternut, white birch, white cedar, cherry, hard maple, northern red oak, white bur oak, jack pine, red pine, white pine, and other species. Flooring: Native woods including black ash, aspen, white birch, hard maple, northern red oak, white bur oak, and pine. Trim packages. Timbers. Lumber.

Outside. Deckwood, Fencing, Stairs.

Other. Carving wood. Logging. DNR approved firewood for local delivery.

Local Materials. All materials are harvested from the forests of northern Minnesota.


We provide custom services from logging your timber at the stump to a prefinished product ready to install. Our lumber is either kiln or air dried, whichever you prefer, marked and stacked in the yard, planed down to 3/4 inch boards, stacked inside, finished into flooring and paneling, and sanded multiple times. We use custom-made cutters in the manufacturing process to make the product universal in its use -- one side can be used for flooring or the other side can be used for paneling. Provides on-site sawmill services with portable WoodMizer band mill.


True North Woods. We offer True North Woods certified products from the sustainably managed and harvested forest of northern Minnesota. We like to be good stewards to the land and forests in order that our children can continue to see the forests we see. Our timber is selectively cut from the forest, insuring that there is minimum stress to the forest. This provides quality timber to be available for years to come. We use every available board -- "waste not, want not" is our philosophy, and we plant many trees to replace those we have cut. Sustainability of the forests is the key to our business.
Minnesota Logger Education Program. Certified as a trained logging professional.


We have been in business since 1990 and have a background in the forest industry since childhood. Jason's first job was at a local sawmill, and he's still there and enjoying every minute of it.

1- BUILDING PROD. WOOD, 1A* Envelope Products, 1a-Lumber, 1a-Lumber Boards, 1a-Lumber Framing, 1a-Timbers, 1C* Interior Products, 1c-Flooring, 1c-Flooring Solid, 1c-Flooring T&G, 1c-Mantels, 1c-Millwork, 1c-Millwork Trim Interior, 1c-Paneling, 1c-Paneling Solid, 1c-Stairway & Parts, 1d-Decking, 1e-Homes Vacation, 3- COMMERCIAL PROD., 3A* Fuel, 3a-Firewood, 3B* Lumber, 3b-Fencing, 3C* Other Commercial Prod., 3c-Animal Bedding, 5- TRADITIONAL PROD., 5-Carving/Specialty Wood, 6- UNIQUE WOOD SERVICE, 6B* Services, 6b-Custom Sawing, 6b-Logging, 6b-Other Services, 8-Certified Master Logger, 8-Certified TrueNorthWoods



1 -MN WOOD SPECIES, 1-Ash, 1-Ash Black, 1-Aspen, 1-Aspen Clear, 1-Basswood, 1-Birch, 1-Birch White Character, 1-Birch White Paper, 1-Butternut, 1-Cedar White, 1-Cherry Black, 1-Hickory, 1-Maple, 1-Maple Hard Sugar, 1-Maple Hard Sugar Birdseye, 1-Maple Hard Sugar Character, 1-Oak, 1-Oak Bur, 1-Oak Northern Red, 1-Oak Northern Red Mineral, 1-Pine, 1-Pine Jack, 1-Pine Red Norway, 1-Pine White Eastern, 1-Pine White Quarter-sawn, 1-Walnut Black, 2-OTHER WOOD SPECIES, Alder, Cedar Aromatic, Cedar Red

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Milaca, MN 56353
Phone 320-983-6641
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