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Grade lumber, green rough sawn lumber, kiln dried lumber, circle sawn lumber, live edge slab wood, fireplace mantles, pallet lumber and cants, industrial lumber and railroad ties.


The mission of Carver Hardwoods is to supply our customers and vendors with the best quality products and services.

Carver Hardwoods is a grade lumber sawmill located in south central Minnesota. Carver Hardwoods is family owned and our goal is customer satisfaction! Our mill is 100% efficient with waste. All byproducts are used for landscape mulch or animal bedding. The mill was started in 2013 and the demand for products had grown enough and the mill expanded in 2015 to accommodate the demand. Carver Hardwoods works with certified loggers utilized cut to length logs and private landowners to develop a harvest plan that is healthy and sustainable. 

Our lumber is graded according to N.H.L.A. rules. Carver Hardwoods purchases cut logs, standing timber and can provide contract selective harvesting to maintain healthy productive forests.Species of lumber available are; red oak, white oak, bur oak, soft maple, hard maple, walnut, green ash, black ash, birch, basswood, aspen, pine and elm. Our lumber can be purchased rough, surfaced and straight line ripped.


Supplies products throughout the Midwest. All products are sources from the True North region. Delivery is available with our company owned trucks and trailers.

1- BUILDING PROD. WOOD, 1a-Lumber, 1a-Squares, 3- COMMERCIAL PROD., 3b-Cants, 3b-Lumber Pallet, 3b-Squares, 3c-Animal Bedding, 3c-Landscape Mulch



1-Ash, 1-Ash Black, 1-Ash Green, 1-Aspen, 1-Basswood, 1-Birch, 1-Elm American Grey, 1-Maple, 1-Maple Hard Sugar, 1-Oak, 1-Oak Northern Red, 1-Oak White, 1-Pine, 1-Walnut Black

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Key Contact Ben Bubbe
Address 11780 County Rd 32
Waconia, MN 55387
Phone 952-442-5988
Fax 952-442-4695
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Woodland Improvements
Woodland Improvements
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1-Birch White Heart / Red
1-Birch White Heart / Red
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